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Kwakwaka Heraldic Pole Bear Paws Detail
Kwakwaka Heraldic Pole Bear Paws Detail, Mimkwamlis (Village Island),
British Columbia 1988


I'm interested here in the faces in the bear paws, they're quite similar to the one created by the tree leaves in the Linda Tellington-Jones photograph.

It was mentioned to me that the bear paw faces are a representation of a shaman in trance. I don't understand that as clearly, this could be a wind, or breath reference. While I may have felt the energy that way at differing times in my life, I didn't know about the imagery here so directly myself. I do know that if you spend time with Linda around animals, you will feel and notice her effect on them.

In 1988, the Kwakwaka’wakw Heraldic pole in this photograph stood at the natuarlly decaying, and apparently abandoned Mamalilaculla homesite - but actually it is a place of historic, and ongoing significance to the Kwakwaka’wakw. The decaying village is located on Mimkwamlis (Village Island) along Canada's Inside Passage.

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