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One of my primary interests, is how does one explain ones' perceptions to others?
As a photographer, I prefer to communicate visually. As a software developer, I can work through the action of a machine.  

In 1983 I became interested in the nature of meaning, and how communication occurs at a fundamental level.
This lead me to photograph Native American Pictured Rock images in the Inter-Mountain west, and the Southwestern US. My investigation enabled me see how a variety of landed ideas can be conveyed across time. The photographs displayed here are but a few of the images I found.

Chasing Quetzalcˇatl  
I have collected a set of 77 b&w pictured rocks and landscape photographs of the Southwest into the print on demand book: Chasing Quetzalcˇatl
The book is available in two 12x12 hard cover square size formats from Blurb:

Blurb - Large Square with Image Wrap
Blurb - Large Square with Dust Cover
And in a smaller, much less expensive 8x8 soft cover square format at Magcloud: Magcloud - 8x8 Square


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26 November 2014